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               Since its establishment in 1987,we JIAXUE people habe dedicated ourselves to the R&D of multi-purpose special minitypemotor technology.To lead the motor technology and to serve the customers with our top quality products are sole purpose.We have been working hard to meet the customers needs by providing hsigh performance special minitype motors with gear reducer and electonic modulator.Through more than ten years hard-working,we have harvested complete lines of JIAXUE special minitype motors.Presently there are YYJT\YYJS and WZJT three complete series and derivative products with more than 50 specitications avalitable for customersselection.The JIAXUE motors with about a thousand running speed ratios can be powered by AC,brushless DC,3-phase,single-phase and about 10 voltage grades with many applicaitons.The JIAXUE motors have been honored by its 4,000 customers in domestic and oversseas market,
               We are proud of our innovation sa we are the No.1 in China to develop and manufacture the series YYJT YYJS and WZJT motors,the highly and energy saving minitype motros featuing higy-precision gear speed reducer and electronic speed modulator.We filled the gap.The JIAXUE mini motors have been awarded the title of National Key New Product,and are recommended by the Ministry of Machine Builing to substitute the similar imported products.To face the challenge after Chinas access to WTo,we have been speeding up pur steps inengineering innovation,The technical reform has been enhanced after the company introduces more advanced production and testing facilities form other conntres.We focus ourselves to the R&D of new products and new market development.CAD/CAM has,as an important tool for product development and design and manufacturing,been widely applied in the compant.The advanced qualitymanagement system has been carried out further to perfect the management of the company.
               We know that we are not the best.But We work hard to pursue the best.We commit ourselves to meet the customers needs by the qulity and reputation,and we stand firmly in the competitive market.
               The JIAXUE minitype motors are 2-way running and speed regulating,powered by single-phase and 3-phase AC and brushless DC power supplies.The motor package is an organic combination of high precision fear reucer,high efficient energy-saving motor,speed metering generator,position sensor and electronic modulator.
               The motor shaft is coupled with gear reducer head by bevel gear meshing.The gear reducer uses a bevel gear.By its speed reduction the output speed of the motor can ben variable from 1 to 500 rpm for customers selection.An electronic modulator will enable the motor ro regulate its speed steplessly.While the rpm reduces,the motors output rorque is guaranteed no change.The motor package features branking,damping and linear reciprocating moving etc available to meet the customers needs.
               The JIAXUE minitype motor is compact and simply-structured,lightly-weighted.More importantly it is very reliable and convenient with high torque output,stable speed modulation and low noise.The product ration will achieve the different rpm and rorque that are desired.An electronic modulator selected with speed metering generator or position sensor can regulate the motors speed steplessly.
               The JIAXUE minitype motors have been widely applied in industrial automation and many sectors of national ceonomy,such as industrial production lines,robotice equipment,medical intruments,electronic devices,fiance machinery,office automation,pringting machines,food processing machines,photographing equipment,environmental equipment,farming machinery,advertising equipment,physical and chenical instruments etc.
               The company and its serial products have been certified to ISO9001 intermational quality ststem, CE and China Great Wall Safely Certification.

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